Tribal Government


Executive Branch / Welcome from the President

Tribal President: Dr. Carlton Naiche-Palmer ext 233
Tribal Vice-President: Jackie D. Blaylock, Sr. ext 210
Administrator: Ben Martinez ext 211
Executive Secretary: Crystal Garcia ext 209
Tribal Council Secretary: Caroline Valdez  

Administration Switch Board (575) 464-4494

Tribal Council Members

Carleton Palmer President
Jackie D. Blaylock, Sr. Vice-President
Gregory Mendez Secretary
Hazel Botella-Spottedbird Treasurer
Frederick Chino, Sr.  
Randy Bell  
Silas Cochise  
Pamela Breuninger Cordova  
Oliver Enjady  
Sandra Platero  

Standing Committees

Executive Committee : Tribal Policies / Budget , Tribal Enterprises, Law and Order, Human Services
  Carleton Naiche-Palmer Chairman
  Jackie Blaylock, Sr. Vice-President
  Gregory Mendez Secretary
  Hazel Botella-Spottedbird Treasurer
Tribal Programs commitee: BIA Reservation Programs, Tribal Community Programs, Housing and Assignments, Domestic Water, Recreation Areas
  Silas Cochise Chairman
  Oliver Enjady  
  Pamela Breuninger  
  Sandra Platero  
Tribal Community Service: Education/Health, Social Services, Senior Citizens Programs, Veterans Affairs
  Gregory Mendez Chairman
  Frederick Chino, Sr.  
  Randy Bell  
  Pamela Breuninger Cordova  
Tribal Resources Commitee: Forestry, Range Lands, Roads and Trails, Hunting and Fishing, Fish Hatchery
  Randy Bell Chairman
  Sandra Platero  
  Frederick Chino, Sr  
Tribal Cultural Affairs: Tribal Ceremonies, Tribal Ritual, Tribal Medicine Practices, Tribal Social Servcies
  Hazel Botella-Spottedbird Chairman
  Silas Cochise, Sr.  
  Oliver Enjady  

Tribal Departments

Accounting Department
  Bill Ramey Chief Financial Officer
  Jackie Yuzos Comptroller
  Nancy Dolan  
  Marlinda Chimal Grants Administrator
  Natalia Melendrez  
  Inez Carrillo  
  Merlene Chee  
Tribal Center Maintenance
  Winston Cochise  
  Claudina Saenz Director
  Justine Peralto  
Conservation Department
  Marc Brusuelas Director
  Ella Shanta Secretary
Cultural Center
  Ellyn Bigrope  
Day Care Center
  Dannalyn Blake Director
  Houston Murphy Maintenance
  Freda Moreno  
  Margaret Sanchez  
  Kimberly Enjady  
Department of Resource Management and Protection (575) 464-4711
  Thora Padilla Director
Early Childhood Program
  Gina Langley Director
Education (575) 464-4500
  John Shendo  
Elderly Center (575) 464-1614
  Michaelene Ahidley Director
Fire Rescue (575) 464-3473
  Gregory Cordova  
Health Education
  Barbie Johnson Director
  Tim Horan Director
  Tim O'Dell CFO
  Lyann Blake Administrator Assistant
  Josephine Duffy  
  Larry Brusuelas  
  Lorrie Chavez  
  Harrison Toclanny  
  Damian Morgan  
  Alvin Benally  
Tribal Human Services (575) 464-4433 / (575) 464-4432
  Charlie Parton Director
Land Recordation
  Patricia Lathan Director
  Eric Spitty  
Mescalero Apache Telecom, Inc. (575) 464-4039
  Telepone and Internet Provider  
Community Library (575) 464-5010
  Lillian Chavez  
Mescalero Gas Company (575) 464-4323
  Fred Wallis Director
  Rod Moreland  
Patient Benefits
  Alma Morgan Director
  Paul Baca Director
  Carmen Mendez  
Native Employment Works (575) 464-4516
  Elouise Damon Director
Recreation - Boys and Girls Club
  Robin Simmons Director
  Swimming Pool  
Tribal Courts
  Bessie Baca  
Tribal Lounge
  Juanita Chalepah Director
Tribal Prosecutor
  Lynn Hanks Director
Tribal Maintenance Shop
  Murray Randall Director
Work Incentive Act Program (WIA)
  Angelita Buurma Director
Tribal Roads Department
  James Hiles Director
  Frances Cochise Administrator Assistant
Mescalero Fish Hatchery
  Mike Montoya Director

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